Monday, February 7, 2011

A clean well

So you know those super cool light boxes everyone has been making for their photographic aspirations?  No? Go ahead and take a look here.  Got it?  Sweet.  Well my oh-so-wonderful husband took a box we had lying around the house and made one for me over the weekend.  Check out the results.

Pottery photo with no light box
Pottery photo also no light box
 Pottery photo taken in my new light box
 What do you think?


  1. You should make one! We've been having lots of funny photographing anything and everything with it.

  2. I'll add a couple of design notes.

    We used an irregular shaped box, about 12 deep, 13 high, 18 wide. We only cut three holes, omitting the back cut, and trimmed the flaps off for the overhead. The bottom flaps create a noticeable lump in the back round, so set a like sized solid piece (from the front side cutout) to give a uniform bottom.

    The bristol board substitute we used mars easily, so mind sliding objects around directly on the paper. Get a few pieces for testing.

    Daylight bulbs are essential. We used CFLs. Also, kill any other light sources in the room to lessen the orange effect.

    In her shots, these are top lit and single side lit.