Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soufflé (breathe)

A few days ago I made a soufflé.  I had never made one before. They kind of frightened me. After all, the entertainment industry is not very kind to the soufflé. Every time you see someone in a movie or TV show cook a soufflé they hold their breath as the dish is removed from the oven only to watch the thing disappointingly deflate. I decided it was time to stop fearing the soufflé and just make one already. If it fell, oh well, better luck next time. I also wanted to make a nice vegetable side and sauce for the soufflé. My sister had been over the night before and left an unfinished bottle of white wine which clearly meant that my soufflé was going to get a white wine reduction of some sort. I am happy to say that the soufflé making went very well. Please refer to the photographic evidence below.

This dish puffed up beautifully and did not fall upon removal from the hot oven. Actually this soufflé was fairly sturdy. The bad thing is that I didn't really care for it. The sauce and veg part was fine but the fluffy egg bit not so much. I must say that this was my first time eating a soufflé so I really have no basis for comparison. But I didn't like it and neither did my husband. The teenager however said it was really good. Since I didn't love it I'm not going to list the recipe here. Although I will direct you to this NPR article which contains the recipe  I modified to make my soufflé.

** While I was researching all things soufflé I came across this video poem:

You can find the English version here.

So what are your experiences with the elusive soufflé?

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